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Autor Lukeš, Jaroslav; Malý, Jan
Vydal MatfyzPress
Formát e-kniha
Počet stran 234
Vydání 3., 2013

Více informací

The book is written in English.


Text is based on lectures in measure and integration theory given by the

authors in the nineties. The preparation of this manuscript was partially supported by the grant

No. 201/93/2174 of the Czech Grant Agency and by the grant No. 354 of the Charles University. Prague.

Small corrections have been prepared for issues printed in 2013 and this e-book is also in compliance with this edition.



List of Basic Notations and Frequently Used Symbols

Measures and Measurable Functions

The Abstract Lebesgue Integral

Radon Integral and Measure

Integration on R

Integration on Rn

Change of Variable and k-dimensional Measures

Surface and Curve Integrals.

Vector Integration

Appendix on Topology


A Short Guide to the Notation.

Subject Index


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